Photo of the Week: Lions in Colorado Host an Eggs-cellent Event for Kids

Bringing communities together through service opportunities and fun events helps us connect with the people we serve. Many of our Lions clubs host holiday events, including dinners for Thanksgiving, fireworks for Guy Fawkes Day and visits from Santa for Christmas. We found this week’s photo at Brush News-Tribune.Photo of the Week April 9

The Brush Lions Club hosted an Easter Egg Hunt for more than 100 local residents. Kids were divided into separate age groups that scoured the landscape for eggs, candy and cash. Each age group had a chance to find one prize slip that entitled one lucky egg hunter to a large basket filled with gifts and treats.

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8 Comments on “Photo of the Week: Lions in Colorado Host an Eggs-cellent Event for Kids

  1. Still many children who do not understand the history of the flag of the country, due to lack of knowledge. Many are children who do not have a place to play, due to lack of play facilities, then we as the Lion’s our job to give understanding. In Indonesia, too, many children who drop out of school because they cannot pay school fees. They also lack a place to play, because parks have been turned into buildings.

  2. masih banyak anak2 yang belum mengerti sejarah, bendera dari negara, karena kurangnya pengetahuan dan masih banyak pula anak2 yang tidak ada tempat bermain, karena kurangnya sarana bermain, nach kita sebagai para Lion tugas kita memberikan pengertian . Di Indonesia pun, banyak anak2 yang putus sekolah karena tidak ada biaya sekolah, begitu juga tempat bermain, karena tempat mereka sudah berubah jadi gedung gedung

    • Thank you for sharing this adorable event!

  3. Lions in District 4O4B Nigeria get together at Lions family Ties day. Thanks for sharing the Joy of the season with the under privilege.

  4. What a wonderful very impressive photo which fills us with hope, joy and warm feelings. It expresses the love and the joyful moments of Easter.
    Thanks to all Lions clubs all over the world who hosted an Easter Egg hunt for a lot of residents while those clubs will urge all club members to bring communities together through service opportunities and fun events.
    All Egyptian Lions members would like to send our greetings to all Lions members all over the world. It’s the season of hope and joy it’s time to get together with all Lions members via social media. It’s time to spread our love and joyful time to all Lions members, and of course all the people around the world.

    • It is a wonderful project for the children of the community. Thanks for your comment.

  5. Novel community event for kids.