Photo of the Week: Australian Lions Replace Beloved Toys Lost in Flood

A popular quote tells that, “To the world you might be one person, but to one person you might be the world.” As Lions and Leos, we sometimes underestimate the importance of our contributions or how much a seemingly small action can change someone’s life. In the wake of a disaster, this is especially true. Clean clothes, a bottle of water or a few food staples can mean a great deal to someone who lost everything. We found this week’s photo at The Bayside Bulletin.

photo of the week april 16

The newly chartered Thornlands Pt. Halloran Lions Club heard about a youngster in their community who lost a special teddy bear in a flood. The club responded by collecting toys to distribute to the displaced children, hoping that a new toy or stuffed animal would help replace part of what they lost and provide some normalcy.

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One Comment on “Photo of the Week: Australian Lions Replace Beloved Toys Lost in Flood

  1. Great to read this story. I’m the Disaster Volunteer Coordinator for Volunteering North Queensland and I know first hand how disasters affect communities. Unfortunately everyone focus on the adults losses and forget about the kids and their losses.

    Thornland Pt. Halloran Lions great community call. Pat yourselves on the back.