Watch LQ – Lions Quarterly and Learn How Lions in Arizona Make Story Time Possible

Lions have long been concerned with sight preservation and restoration, as well as enriching the lives of the visually impaired. In Arizona, we met a group of Lions who recognized that helping parents see created an environment where kids read more.

Members of the Downtown Tucson Lions Club have long performed free eye exams for kids, but started including their parents last year. Of the 60 parents the club saw in its first year, a large number knew they needed glasses, but lacked the resources to purchase them.

With newly restored vision, the parents are now able to read books that the Lions provide at the screenings to their kids. Lion Su-Lin Trepanitis said helping families has a positive impact on her community.  “The more parents read at home, the more children read at home. The more children read, the better students they are,” Trepanitis said.