Photo of the Week: Malaysian Leos Host a Fun Afternoon for Kids with Wacky Games

This month, we’re happy to celebrate Leo Awareness Month, shining a light on tomorrow’s leaders serving their communities. Our Leo clubs enhance our neighborhoods and organization in myriad ways. This photo was submitted to us from our Leo club Facebook page.

Leos in Malaysia

Leos played a series of games with children as part of the Leo Spotlight on Children Day 2012, including a game that required participants to use their fine motor skills to pass a ring between two straws. The festivities were a joint effort by Leo District 308 B2, Leo Club of Alor Setar, KL Unity, Kota Bahru Central, Georgetown Central, AIMST University, Penang (City) and SMK Darulaman in Kedah. The clubs also donated school supplies, shoes and books to underprivileged students.

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