News from Headquarters: Spanish Lion Donates Statue Created by His Father

Statue in Vigo, Spain

The original statue in Vigo, Spain

Our organization is fortunate to have generations of families serving together as Lions. This week, Manuel Castro traveled from Spain to present our organization with a meaningful statue created by his father. Manuel Castro Alonso is a stone craftsman who dreamed his work would reach our headquarters one day.

In 1992, the charter member of the Vigo Lions Club created the 20-foot statue dedicated to Lions, which was erected on a mountain. He wanted to encapsulate the meaningful interactions Lions clubs provide to their communities.

“It represents the Lions’ integration of people – men, women and children. It’s about a social movement,” Manuel said about his father’s creation.

For years, Manuel’s father dreamed of bringing a replica of the statue to Lions Clubs International headquarters in Oak Brook, Ill., but faced many challenges. Manuel took up the cause and fulfilled his father’s dream.

“He always had in mind to have the statue here,” Manuel said. “I believe he will be very happy.”

Manuel with replica

Manuel Castro with the replica statue at Lions Clubs International headquarters

11 Comments on “News from Headquarters: Spanish Lion Donates Statue Created by His Father

  1. Hello I am Borja and I am the great-grandson of Manuel Castro Alonso.
    He is marvelous artist, i am very happy proud to be my great grandfather.
    I love you,


  2. The whole population in GALICIA (Spain), knows the great work made by our friend and CL Governor at this worldly well known region. Years ago I´d the opportunity to know Manolo, and since then I have worked to for LION´S, specially our SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA´s Club. From my heart I feel Manolo is worth of an homage at least of everybody belongin to the LION´s in GALICIA. God bless you, dear friend MANOLO. Greetings of ANTONIO

  3. Hello I am Miriam, great- granddauhter of Manuel Castro.
    Just want to say I love him very much and is the best in the world!!!

  4. I am the husband of the oldest granddaughet of Manuel Castro Alonso. Manuel is the most humble person I`ve known.
    Thanks Manuel Castro Alonso, the merit is all yours.

  5. I am Pablo, the husband of the oldest granddaughter of Manuel Castro. Manuel Castro is the most wonderful person I’ve met.

  6. I am Marta Castro, Manuel Castro is my grandfather and godfather too.
    I’m so proud for being his grandchild, it’s so important to me and my family to make his dream come true.
    Thank you all!

  7. What a wonderful gift from the Castro family to the Lions organization! I know that Manuel Castro Alonso is smiling proudly today and thanking his son for helping him fulfill this dream.

    • So beautifull your words, Russ, thank you so much

  8. I am Ana Baros Castro, Manuel Castro Alonso is my grandfather. We are very happy for all.


  9. Pilar Castro Gil, daughter of Manuel Castro, died six years ago after a long an hard illness. From heaven, she will enjoy this beautiful tribute to her beloved father.

  10. I am Ana , Manuel Castro Alonso is my grandfather. This is a dream of my grandfather. All the family are very very happy.