Photo of the Week: Lions in Arizona Teach American Flag History to Students

As Lions, we spend many of our service hours providing kids with the tools they need to become successful citizens. Our Leo clubs give young people leadership skills and our Lions Quest Program teaches self-confidence and problem solving. We found this week’s photo at the Eastern Arizona Courier.Photo of the Week May 7

The Stafford Lions Club visited each first-grade class in its county to talk about the history of the American flag. Lions gave all students a flag and helped them compare the United States flag to the Arizona flag. One of the Lions, who is a retired engineer, talked about contributing to the spacecraft that took the American flag to the moon. According to the Lions, this is one of the most rewarding projects the club has completed.

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2 Comments on “Photo of the Week: Lions in Arizona Teach American Flag History to Students

  1. What a very impressive idea from Safford Lions Club. It’s a great effort from Safford Lions and the great effort from Jon Stewart and club members. I found it a very good experience to the first grade in public school and I think through such a dialogue from members to these kids will add a lot to the younger generation. Through this effort they will understand and collaborate with Lions members and I think it’s an intelligent way for promoting about lions clubs efforts all over the world.