Story of the Week: Four-Legged Lions’ Mascot Earns His Keep at Fundraisers

Fundraising can be a chore for many of our clubs. But when you make an effort to keep the fun in your fundraisers, everyone benefits. This is the secret to success of the Lake Saint Louis Lions Club in Missouri. With the assistance of the club’s mascot, a 1-year old Golden Pyrenees puppy, their fundraisers have happily gone to the dogs.Winston the Lion

Winston Niles Rumfoord dons a homemade lion costume before hitting the town. The dog’s owner, Lion John Ratcliff, says Winston helps the club collect four times as much money.

Winston the Lion

“He engages the public,” Ratcliff said. “He makes it more fun. He makes it more fun for me because I’m basically providing entertainment.”

Ratcliff rescued the dog when he was just six weeks old. Winston didn’t require any special training for the task, which includes wearing a mane Ratcliff made by cutting up a giant stuffed animal.

“We get such a reaction from everybody, the kids especially,” Ratcliff says. “Everybody falls in love with him; he’s a sweet dog.”

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2 Comments on “Story of the Week: Four-Legged Lions’ Mascot Earns His Keep at Fundraisers

  1. We have been receiving a lot of emails from people wanting to know where we got the Lion’s mane costume.

    Here is how:

    Purchase the stuffed lion ‘Lars the Lion’ from this website ($99)

    Then cut-away everything but the Lion’s mane and ears.

    You simply slip the mane over your dogs head and your are almost done. The bottom of the mane will hang down and not look quite right.

    You can sew in strap to cinch it up around your dogs neck or sew it to a collar.

    Cut a hole through the top so you can connect a leash to your dogs collar.

    I can’t be sure if your dog will actually put up with wearing it. My dog is extremely mellow and easy going and he wears it just fine.