Breaking News: Lions “Rockin’ the Vest” Rap Video Surpasses 100,000 Views

Lions Clubs International launched a rap video last fall so younger potential members can view us in a new and fun way. Now, the music video featuring real Lions singing and dancing to an original rap created by Serve Marketing has reached more than 100,000 people through social media.

Coupled with four other catchy public service announcements, the campaign gives clubs a tool to recruit younger members. Thanks to Lions and Leos around the world, we continue to share the video and open minds about the diverse work our organization does globally and down the street.

3 Comments on “Breaking News: Lions “Rockin’ the Vest” Rap Video Surpasses 100,000 Views

  1. It is indeed an excellent and interesting presentation. It is a novel idea and need of the day in promotion. Such an effort deserves all praise and appreciation. Congratulations.

  2. Wow!. That’s great, Lions! It’s nice seeing together in this humorous hip hop video.
    The lyrics focus on what wearing the yellow Lions club vest means to the community. It’s so great to be a Lion! Thanks to the Lions clubs for everything they do for children with disabilities.

  3. Congratulation for such an innovative way of promotion , for such fruitful effort ,aiming to promote for the great role of lions clubs around the world and any body will get the message easily with such an edutainment video