Story of the Week: Peace Poster Contest 25th Anniversary Collectible Pin Unveiled

For a quarter century, children around the globe have participated in the Lions International Peace Poster Contest. This year, we celebrate this unique contest with a collector’s pin, which will first be available at our 95th International Convention in Busan, Korea.

Featuring the 25th anniversary logo, these modern square pins feature a silver background with inlaid black lettering. Lions, Leos and friends can stop by the public relations booth in the convention hall to receive one of these limited-edition pins.

Get involved with the 25th anniversary celebration by purchasing a Peace Poster Kit and sponsoring a contest in your area. Partnering with a local school or youth group is a great way to encourage 11, 12 and 13 year olds to think about a more peaceful future. Check our Web site and this blog for future updates about ways we are celebrating 25 years of depicting peace.

  • How do we obtain the 25 year peace poster pin as we could not attend the convention?

    • lionsclubsorg

      Hi Ann,
      The pins will be available at the various forums around the world. To obtain more information, please e-mail us at


    I look forward to receiving my pin in Busan, 25 years of wonderful Peace Posters from children throughout the world.