President’s Service Blog: World Environment Day, June 5, 2012

Lions and Leos have so much to be proud of on World Environment Day, an initiative of the United Nations Environment Programme. With more than 9.7 million trees planted worldwide by Lions like you, we have certainly taken strides to improve the world.

Trees are a vital part of our ecosystem, providing oxygen for us and homes for animals. Trees also prevent erosion and beautify our neighborhoods. I believe that when we plant trees, we make an investment in the future.

Our commitment to environmental programs runs deeper than just one day. We dedicate the entire month of April to environmental-related projects during our Global Service Action Campaign. During this time and throughout the year, Lions work to provide clean drinking water, preserve water quality, clean up public spaces and provide recycling programs.

On World Environment Day and beyond, I believe Lions will leave the world a better place for generations to come.

3 Comments on “President’s Service Blog: World Environment Day, June 5, 2012

  1. Tree are necessity for every living being so every person should grow one tree like his child.

  2. We are facing environmental challenges today which can only be solved by working together and engaging in constructive dialogue. With the help of our youth we can achieve prosperity.We should encourage students to participate in innovative projects around the world with passion and a willingness to share resources and knowledge to help create a better world.
    Environmental projects in schools and communities will expand our knowledge of natural systems and human cultures.

    Past President Lions Club Chandigarh Host 321F

  3. earth is the only planet we have
    save the earth for our off springs
    if earth is polluted
    we can’t run away anywhere
    earth is like our mother
    cutting trees is like denuding her
    planting trees is like dressing her
    so by planting more trees
    we are loving our mother earth