Photo of the Week: Dogs and Their Owners Walk to Raise Funds for Dog Guides

Many of our clubs recycle eyeglasses and support White Cane Day to help the visually impaired. Another way Lions and Leos help people with special needs is by support guide dog programs, which help the visually impaired, those with hearing loss, people with autism and adults and kids with any number of challenges. We got this week’s photo from the London Community News.

More than 50 walkers and their canine companions participated in the London Lions Club’s annual Lions Foundation of Canada Purina Walk for Dog Guides. The club usually raises more than $10,000 at this event because it costs about $20,000 to raise a dog. Government funding for this program does not exist, so the money collected is vital to providing special-skills dogs to those in need. In this photo, Brian Deacon and pups Montana and Dakota prepare for the fundraiser in style.

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3 Comments on “Photo of the Week: Dogs and Their Owners Walk to Raise Funds for Dog Guides

  1. Well done, Lions! your project is superb, it is efficient, concrete, and goes directly to the heart of the problem. Unless we carry out our action, all our fact-finding and analysis is whistling upwind. You have made careful decision based on facts. Congratulations.

  2. donetta kana Fay (from Lions Clubs Batam Tourism dist 307 A1)

    Amazing ideas of raising the fund. Such a sweet dog there.

  3. Leader Dogs provides a freedom so very valuable to the sight impaired. Iowa Lions support the puppy program, now over 10 years, in three of the State Correctional System Facilities. Puppies arrive at 8-9 weeks old and are trained by puppy handler inmates to the age of 12 months. At that time they return the puppies to Leader Dog for medical test and training to allow them to be partnered with a sight impaired person. The program is so very successful due in large part because of the efforts of caring Lions and Leadership given by Past Council Chair Carol Ann Kirkbride.