#LCI2012 Update: Leo Lion Summit Kicks Off the 95th International Convention

Providing resources for developing leaders is a cornerstone of our organization. Through Leo clubs, we shape the future by giving young people an opportunity to serve the community and learn valuable leadership skills. In Busan, Korea, Leos joined forces with Lions to learn from one another.

At the first Leo Lion Summit, hundreds of leaders from around the world gathered for a day of networking and discussion. The diverse group discussed ways to serve together, highlighting how best to use Leos’ unique talents to serve the community while providing opportunities for growth.

Lions Clubs International also unveiled a new video, “Leading for Life,” which highlights why Leo clubs give young people an advantage over their peers. Providing new resources and avenues for communication, the first Leo Lion Summit was a great success.


    Well done Leos, I am very proud of the club.

  • MJF Lion Kishore Bansal

    The Strategic Planning Guide always help our club start a plan to becoming stronger, more effective, and more vibrant

  • I loved the photos of the Parade. Wow.


    Thanks………as a Great job Leo