Photo of the Week: California Lions Revamp a Zoo’s Lion Drinking Fountain

Many of our 46,000 clubs worldwide work to beautify public spaces, such as cleaning up highways or sprucing up schools. We found this week’s photo at Atascadero News.

The Atascadero Lions Club recently unveiled Leo, a lion-shaped drinking fountain the club has cared for during the past several decades. Leo underwent a makeover, receiving new paint, plumbing and minor repairs. It was re-installed at its post near the entrance of the Charles Paddock Zoo. Here, Mayor Pro Tem Tom O’Malley takes a drink while Assistant City Manager Jim Lewis, Gracie Lewis, 3, and Patrick Moreci, 3, look on.

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  • MJF Lion Kishore Bansal

    Atascadero Lions Club Leo’s are strong willed, determind and humanitarian to the core. God bless them.They are doing wonderful projects.

  • Larry Dumont

    Great picture, great idea Lions brothers, I’m a Lion from Ontario, Canada.