LQ: Lions in India Rebuilt a Fishing Village

Whenever a disaster strikes, Lions are there. Our Alert Program assists Lions with community disaster preparedness and because our 46,000 clubs are in 207 countries and geographic areas, we’re often among the first on the scene in the wake of a crisis. We also commit to staying, helping residents in rebuilding structures and their lives.  In the Bay of Bengal in the southern tip of India, Lions aided local fisherman after the 2004 tsunami razed their homes and took many lives.

The Lions of Chennai mobilized to help replace lost belongings and restore a way of life. With a grant from the Lions Clubs International Foundation, Lions built 42 homes. New boats and stronger fishing nets allowed the residents to return to work as well.

In this video, you’ll see how your donations to LCIF helped Lions rebuild lives and improve the standard of living for these tsunami survivors.

One Comment on “LQ: Lions in India Rebuilt a Fishing Village

  1. Well done !! Lions of Chennai. Your heart is full of divine virtues.