Lions in Action: Facebooking the Future

There aren’t many media outlets in the small town of Crosby, Texas, besides the local weekly newspaper. The Crosby Lions Club wanted a way to get the word out about its projects to the entire community quickly, so it could raise awareness about its local volunteer efforts and increase membership and participation. The club created a Facebook page and a Lions e-clubhouse Web site to expand its reach.

The Lions Step In

As a resident of a small town in Texas, Wendy Bailey of the Crosby Lions Club sees the importance of making a real connection with the community. She maintains the Crosby Lions Club Facebook page, which has become a powerful tool for marketing the club’s efforts, spreading the word about the club’s projects, and allowing members and residents to see the results of the club’s service. Wendy updates the Facebook page on a daily basis by posting upcoming events and sharing photos on the page, as well as connecting with other local organizations on Facebook.

The Future Is Now

When the Crosby Lions helped remodel a local home, they used their Facebook page to provide information about the project, recruit volunteers, remind members and the community as the project date got closer, and share images of the results once the project was complete. The Crosby Lions also used Facebook to promote and raise money for a Super Bowl fundraiser that collected money for children’s eyeglasses.

Fast Facts

The Crosby Lions Club Facebook page had 40 followers when Wendy joined the club. At the time of writing this piece, the Crosby Lions Club Facebook page has nearly 700 followers and continues to grow. With today’s youth heavily engaged in social media, Facebook also becomes a way to draw in younger members and let them know what the Lions club is all about.

Make It Happen: Reach Out with Facebook

  • Why did the club start using social media? »
    Facebook is a fast, easy, efficient way to communicate to people locally and worldwide. We created a Web site and Facebook page to help people in our community be aware of what we do in town and throughout the world.
  • How do you use Facebook to raise awareness about your club? »
    We “like” or “follow” other local organizations to increase community growth and involvement, and to get our name out there. We post the need for volunteers and let people know they don’t have to be a Lion to participate. We share photos so the community can see the results of our hard work right away.
  • What kinds of resources does it take to keep the Facebook page active? »
    It’s important to post on Facebook at least once a day, even about something the club isn’t directly involved in – for example, something else happening in your community. The LCI Web site is also a good source for fresh material. Frequent updates help keep your name out there on a regular basis, and encourage engagement and response from other Lions and community members.
  • Any words of advice? »
    Ask people to like your Facebook page. That way, you can gain membership and everyone can see the hard work your club is doing. Social media marketing is a free resource, so there’s no reason not to jump on it. If you don’t know how to use it, ask somebody who does.

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