Photo of the Week: Lions Ensure the Beat Goes on for a Child with Heart Issues

When children are sick or suffering, Lions and Leos are eager to help. Our One Shot, One Life: Lions Measles Initiative will save the lives of 157 million children, but that’s just a part of what Lions do. We found this week’s photo at

The Valparaiso Lions Club purchased an automatic external defibrillator for 4-year-old Zack Adinolfi. The youngster and his father, John, have Brugada syndrome, which affects the heart’s rhythm and can cause an abnormal heartbeat that could lead to a stroke. The defibrillator is a life-saving device for Zack, whose arteries are too small for the internal defibrillator his dad has.

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  • PDG Debbie Whittlesey

    Everyday I am amazed at all the wonderful services Lions provide just like this one. Touching…to say the least!