White House to Recognize Lions as Champions of Change

Lions Champions of Change - White HouseFor nearly a century, Lions have worked to improve our communities and the world. Now, our work will be recognized at the White House during a special Champions of Change ceremony that closes out a day of administrative briefings on key issues.

On Oct. 2, Lions from around the world will visit the White House in Washington, D.C. for high-level briefings and discussions of community problems and service. Lions will also speak about their work during two panel discussions. Lions and Leos around the world can tune in for a live broadcast of the event, as well as follow the hashtag #WHLions on Twitter for updates. More information will be posted on the LCI Web site as it becomes available.

18 Comments on “White House to Recognize Lions as Champions of Change

  1. District Governor Lion Claudius Buncamper

    What a great achievement for the Lions of the WORLD. We have come a long way and it’s time we’re recognized! For us here in the sunny caribbean who have no elections it’s a wonderful thing to read and see it on the TV.

  2. It’s an honour and great achievement for the Lions as we move the earth to serve the less fortunate. I Am a Lion

  3. What excellent news! Lions & Leos should indeed be very proud of this achievement as we remain committed to improving the circumstances for those in need.

  4. As Lions we work with a passion of service, we give selflessly,not knowing if we are see. But it is coming to light Lions are making a difference and is been rewarded for it..

    Let us continue to Light the path; LIONS.

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  6. It is simply amazing and very proud to be a Lion. We continue to serve the less fortunate.

  7. This is awesome! A great opportunity for more membership if it is televised as to what Lions are all about and what we do.

  8. This is completely wonderful!
    Anytime Lions and the Astounding, Amazing, Awesome services provided to humanity around the globe can be promoted is the right time! I love being a Lion and I am so proud of what we all do together!!

  9. It is a great time for Lions across the country. To be recognized by the White House for all that the Lions do. Proud to be a Bedford Lion.

  10. Long overdue. Glad to see we are getting this recognition.

  11. Does this not seem a little too convenient timing??? Sounds like a way to use Lions and our powerful LIONS CLUBS INTERNATIONAL name, for political purposes only a month before Election Day!!! 🙁

    • A cynical view, but probably true. Nevertheless, what they mean for political advantage, will still promote the cause of Lionism. Our recocognition stands despite which political affiliation recognizes it.

    • Why must you make such a gesture seem petty? The Lions deserve all the accolades they have coming. Shame on you for giving this a bad spin.

    • Any assistance in spreading the LIONS message is greatly appreciated. Please Please do not try to push your own agenda since to us LIONS it does not matter who is sitting in the White House what is important is that we have an audience.

  12. It’s a great achievement for Lion. We continue to serve humanity.

  13. It is nice and I hope something good comes from it.

  14. The Lion movement is getting recognition and honour for our services to the community.

  15. This is a great achievement in Lions.