Participate in Local Volunteer Work with Your Family and Lions Clubs

When a family volunteers together, it also grows together. By inviting families to participate in your club’s next community event, you can increase membership while encouraging families to spend more time together through local volunteer work.

How Family Memberships Benefit Your Lions Club

  • Increase membership and attract younger members.
  • Take your club in a fresh new direction.
  • Plan new service activities and projects that involve family members of all ages.
  • Expand your club’s reach within the community.
  • Receive reduced international dues and charter/entrance fee relief for families.

How Family Memberships Benefit Your Family

  • Enjoy more opportunities to spend quality time with your family.
  • Teach your children the value of volunteering.
  • Meet other families with similar interests.
  • Serve the community, the country and the world.

Service activities that Lions families can do together include:

  • Start a bicycle safety program.
  • Plant trees in your park.
  • Plan reading activities at your local library.
  • Collect used eyeglasses.
  • Organize a recycling project.

To learn more about Lions club family memberships, visit the LCI Family Membership page.

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