Photo of the Week: Connecticut Lions Grow Community with Garden

Garden Fall Cleanup

Many of our clubs work to beautify  the community with cleanup projects or tree planting efforts. In Connecticut, the Brookfield Lions Club found that a community garden does more than just grow delicious produce; it brings the town together in a common space.

For five years, the club has offered 8-by 16-foot plots in the garden to residents of this small town. The club initially rented 35 spaces with the intention of providing senior citizens in condos a place to continue gardening. Now, the 79 available plots are used mostly by families who haven’t gardened before but want to make a family adventure out of learning how. Each winter and spring, the Lions clean up the area to ready it for the next season of farmers who tend to grow vegetables and herbs. A considerable wait list ensures that the garden will be a bustling for summers to come.

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2 Comments on “Photo of the Week: Connecticut Lions Grow Community with Garden

  1. Well done connecticut club May every day of your life bring you fresh hopes for tomorrow.

  2. Hey, I’m from Connecticut!! It’s kind cool to see a Connecticut club getting some attention once in a while but New Hampshire needs more publicity 😉