Photo of the Week: Ohio Pup with an Eye for Glasses Helps Lions Recycle for Sight

Summer collecting glasses for Lions

October marks our Sharing the Vision Global Service Action Campaign, a month dedicated to sight-related projects. Lions have a long history of improving the lives of those with visual impairments, including recycling eyeglasses for more than 80 years. Through our Recycle for Sight program, unwanted glasses receive a new life after being collected, cleaned and sorted. This photo was submitted by John Yarsa.

Summer, a 7 ½-year-old golden retriever, is a trained therapy and agility dog. She visits nursing homes and people with disabilities several times per week to bring a smile to those in need.

“We’ve got a gift here and we’re glad to share it,” John said about Summer. “We are so blessed.”

In addition to loving costumes, Summer has an affinity towards eyeglasses, wearing them for hours at a time. She helped the Stow-Munroe Falls Lions Club collect more than 350 pairs of glasses after John met the club members at its annual PawFest, a festival for dogs.

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3 Comments on “Photo of the Week: Ohio Pup with an Eye for Glasses Helps Lions Recycle for Sight

  1. My Club likes what Summer has done for sight and supports “Recycle for Sight program”.
    We hope that Lions Club International would provide some detailed methods on recycling
    glasses to us.


  3. Summer IS a “golden” “retreiver” of eyeglasses! This is adorable, no wonder people like to bring her their old glasses to recycle~~~ Love it!