Lions Diabetes Awareness Month

During the month of November, join Lions everywhere in the fight against diabetes by planning diabetes awareness month activities in your community.

What you should know about diabetes:

  • Over 360 million people worldwide have diabetes.
  • The International Diabetes Foundation (IDF) estimates that by 2030, over 550 million people in the world will have the disease.
  • Every 8 seconds, someone dies from complications of diabetes.
  • Diabetes is among the top 10 causes of disability.
  • Children die of Type 1 diabetes in low- and middle-income countries because they lack access to life-saving insulin.

What your Lions club can do to help:

  • Host a diabetes screening in your community.
  • Volunteer at a diabetes recreational camp.
  • Enhance or develop community education programs about diabetes.
  • Provide medication and supplies for families in need.
  • Observe World Diabetes Day on November 14 by planning a Strides diabetes awareness event.

For more information about diabetes, visit our Diabetes Resources Center.

9 Comments on “Lions Diabetes Awareness Month

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  5. Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for the really great post! This is such an important month given the number of lives that are touched by diabetes in the world today. With the estimated number of diabetics on the rise, it has never been a better time to provide new programs for diabetes prevention and management. We have added an article on our site as well, if you are interested in checking it out. In it we provide some information on Diabetes Awareness Month, as well as what some national diabetes organizations are doing to spread further awareness this November! If you are interested, you can check it out at:

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  8. Very nice vision.I am a member of Lions Club of Kathmandu Excellence,NEPAL.I will Make an interaction in my club about this.

  9. My Club has partnered with our local hospital MERCY and on Nov. 14 (National Diabetes Awareness Day) we are having an all day Diabetes Awareness Event. We are having several guest speakers including Doctors, and other experts and a clinical at the end with several give-aways. We are thrilled with how this is coming along and know it is going to be a great benefit the Lebanon, Missouri and surrounding area residents! **** Thanks so much for posting this, it is great material for when I open and welcome our attendees!!! Also we loved the resources online, we are using several for hand outs that day!! ****