How Lions Participated in World Sight Day

On October 11 and 12, President Madden traveled to Turkey to help celebrate the 15th annual Lions World Sight Day. Meanwhile, Lions clubs around the world participated in their own community events organized to raise awareness about blindness and vision impairment.

A popular activity that took place on World Sight Day was a blindfolding event, which helped people gain a better understanding of the difficulties visually-impaired individuals must endure on a day-to-day basis.

Here are photos from blindfolding events hosted by the Peshawar Gul Bahar and ICMS Lions Clubs (above) and the Kirkham Lions Club (below).

World Sight Day Kirkham Lions Club

Other Lions clubs held vision screenings to celebrate World Sight Day. The Chennai Networkers Lions Club in India (below) held a vision screening program at Sethu Baskar School. They screened 4,800 students and found that 10 percent of these students needed vision correction. The Lions then made arrangements with Vision Express Group in India to provide further screenings and assistance for the students, so they could receive the eye care and correction needed.

Visit the LCI website to learn more about how Lions serve the blind and vision-impaired, from eyeglass recycling to vision screenings and more.

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