10 Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Lions Club

Don’t keep your Lions club’s community service projects a secret! By increasing Lions club awareness in your community, you can let people know how your service is making a real impact and invite new members to join. Below, find 10 easy marketing ideas that will help promote your Lions club.

  1. Sponsor a booth at a special event. Make your club visible at community events, such as festivals, health fairs and shows. Set up a booth with photos of your club in action, and provide new membership materials to help get the word out.
  2. Speak at community events. Offer to give a personal presentation at events and forums where community leaders and concerned citizens will be in attendance. Let them know how Lions help the community.
  3. Create a website and/or blog for your club. Your Lions club website or blog can keep members and the public informed about upcoming events, projects, meetings and how to become a member. Use e-clubhouse.org to create your Lions website.
  4. Create a Facebook page for your club. Facebook is a great way to keep your community aware of your club’s activities. Post photos, related articles, project and event updates. Encourage members, friends and family members to “Like” your page. Connect with other organizations in your community. Learn How Now
  5. Use LION Magazine. If you’ve finished reading your current issue of LION Magazine, consider donating it to your library or putting extra copies in doctors’ and dentists’ offices in your area.
  6. Write a news release. LCI has created several fill-in-the-blank news release templates that can help you tell your community about upcoming events, awards and programs through local media.
  7. Produce club newsletters. Mail a special edition of your club’s newsletter to prospective members. Outline your club’s accomplishments and plans for the future.
  8. Place an ad in school and community publications. Often, schools will be happy to include your club information in their newsletter, especially if you partner with the school for your service projects.
  9. Place an information table at your next project. Make membership information and materials available to prospective members who attend your projects.
  10. Pitch a story to local newspapers. Let your local newspaper know of Lions members with amazing accomplishments, Lions projects that really made a difference, and other news that is relevant to the community.

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  1. Good morning, I wonder if there is a Spanish version of the blog to subscribe … I would appreciate to have prompt response from you.
    C.L. Nestor Perez Delgado
    first Vice
    Lions Club Valencia El Trigal

    • The Lions Blog is in English only. However, we do provide Translation by Google in the left-hand sidebar of our blog’s front page, so you can still subscribe and simply translate each post in Spanish. Hope that helps!

  2. Take a look at local access television channels too. South Tucson Lions in Arizona recently got to do a whole half hour talk show about their upcoming Youth Mariachi Festival! Yes, it is public television with a smaller audience – but the show is airing several times a week for a couple of months – and people who watch public television just might be great Lions.