Wisconsin Lions Increase Diabetes Awareness

Throughout November, Lions in Wisconsin are organizing Diabetes Awareness Month projects to promote healthy lifestyles and keep community members informed about the risks of diabetes and methods for prevention.

The Sharon Lions Club, along with the Wisconsin Lions Diabetes Focus Group, is sponsoring a Strides Walk for Diabetes at Goodland Memorial Park in Sharon, Wisconsin on November 10. Proceeds from the walk will help children attend the Wisconsin Lions Diabetes Camp.

In addition, the Wisconsin Lions are involved in the Diabetes Awareness Door Hangers project, which will work to provide more information about Type 2 diabetes risk factors and health care. The door hangers include four simple questions about age, blood pressure, physical activity and medical history. Answers to these questions can help people make the first steps toward a healthier lifestyle.

What kinds of events and activities does your Lions club have planned for Diabetes Awareness Month?

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