Organize a Lions Reading Action Program Project

The Lions Reading Action Program campaign challenges Lions to make an even greater impact in our communities. Literacy works as a foundation for human growth, allowing us to better achieve peace, fight poverty and disease, and live happy, healthy lives. Lions can make a real difference through community volunteer work that gives children and adults access to reading materials, assistance and education.

Below are several questions to ask your club that will help you get started and organize a Lions Reading Action Program project today.

Who is involved?

The first step is to create a planning committee. This committee should not only include Lions clubs members, but should also consist of dedicated volunteers and community partners who can help drive the success of your project. Consider asking local educators, community organizations and literacy agencies to join your efforts. Appoint a committee chair to lead the team.

What is your project?

Plan a project that will be well suited for your community. Perhaps the schools in your area don’t have access to sufficient reading materials or technology – organize a book or computer drive! Or you might want to provide tools and resources that can help people with visual impairments learn to read and write better.  Set specific goals that will help motivate your club and community to make a real impact.

Ideas for Reading Action Program projects include:

  • Tutor adults in reading, math or science
  • Develop a pre-school reading program
  • Organize hearing and vision screenings for children and parents
  • Supply backpacks and school supplies for children in need

How do you get the word out?

Properly publicizing your project is crucial to raising literacy awareness within your community and getting more people involved. Here are some ways to spread the word:

  • Share information through your club’s website or Facebook page
  • Send press releases to your local newspaper before and after your project
  • Invite local media to cover your event
  • Post flyers around your community

Where can you learn more?

Check out the Reading Action Program’s Resource page on the LCI website for more information, including a planning guide, more project ideas, sample press releases and more.

Do you have a literacy project success story to share? Submit your story and photos to the LCI website.

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