Increase Membership: Recruit, Retain, Replace!

Lions club membership development is crucial to ensuring that Lions’ volunteer work and humanitarian service continues to make an impact for years to come. By following the Three R’s: Recruit, Retain and Replace, Lions can work to increase membership and achieve their goals.


New Lions club members bring new ideas and new energy that can help motivate your club. Encourage diversity in your club by inviting members young and old, male and female. Recruit families and people with a wide range of interests. Let your community know what it means to be a Lion.


Make sure your members stay members by keeping them involved in service. Survey members to identify your club’s strengths and weaknesses, and act upon opportunities and challenges. Improve your club by holding a Club Excellence Process workshop. Keep your members inspired!


Members leave Lions clubs for various reasons, and it’s up to you to balance the rise and fall of membership. Replace lost members through continual promotion of your Lions club. Encourage current members to invite guests and family members. Demonstrate the pride and fulfillment that being a Lion provides.

What does your Lions club do to Recruit, Retain and Replace members?

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