LCI Goes Green

Last fiscal year, Lions reported planting more than 15 million trees all over the world. Lions’ strong commitment to preserve the environment continues, as we encourage your club to join Lions Clubs International in going paperless!

By going paperless, we are helping to protect all of those trees you worked so hard to plant.

Here are the many paperless options we provide:

Visit the LCI Is Going Green page to learn more about the benefits of going paperless, as well as other environmental service projects that your club can organize.

2 Comments on “LCI Goes Green

  1. YAY!!! Thanks 4-C3 for increasing our pledge by nine times.

    Thank you LCI for going paperless.
    Please help our districts and multiple districts with converting routine forms into
    fillable .PDF forms. Our middle “management” is still so very “last century”
    George club president