10 Diabetes Awareness Projects

Lions Diabetes Awareness Month is coming to an end, but Lions are still encouraged to continue increasing diabetes awareness in your communities year-round. Here are some ideas for projects that your Lions club can organize in the fight against diabetes:

  • Organize a community support group for parents of children with diabetes.
  • Invite a healthcare professional to speak about diabetes at your club or district meeting.
  • Partner with local healthcare providers to organize diabetes and vision screenings.
  • Organize a walking club for seniors with diabetes.
  • Donate current diabetes books to your local library. Insert a bookplate to identify your club’s donation.
  • Post monthly articles about diabetes on your club or district website.
  • Organize a school or community vegetable garden to encourage healthy eating.
  • Sponsor a healthy cooking demonstration for people with diabetes.
  • Hold a fundraiser for a local diabetes camp or foundation.
  • Organize a Strides: Lions for Diabetes Awareness event in your community.

For more information about diabetes awareness events and projects, visit the LCI Diabetes Resource Center.

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