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Recruiting new members is crucial to growing and maintaining a fresh, diverse, engaged Lions club. The more you reach out to your community to join the Lions club, the more of an impact you can make through community service projects and local volunteer work.

One of the best ways to help grow Lions clubs in your area is to share your success stories. Lions inspire and motivate other Lions. By submitting a membership success story, you can help fellow Lions identify and address club challenges, and grow their membership.

You can submit a membership success stories in one of the following categories:

  • Campus/Student
  • Club Excellence Process (CEP)
  • Extension/New Clubs
  • Family and Women
  • Global Membership Team (GMT)
  • Leo Lion
  • Membership
  • Mentoring
  • New Club Development Workshops
  • Orientation
  • Recruiting
  • Retention
  • Young Adult

Check out the Membership Success Stories page to read about how Lions all over the world are improving membership to help spread the Lions’ mission.

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