LCIF Humanitarian Programs Transform Lives

Humanitarian efforts are at the heart of LCIF and the work of Lions. Where there’s a need, there’s a Lion. When there’s a challenge, Lions respond.

In 2012, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation challenged Lions to raise $10 million dollars to help eradicate measles, a preventable disease that claims the lives of hundreds of children a day worldwide. Lions from around the globe responded by raising US$10 million in support of One Shot, One Life: The Lions Measles Initiative. The Gates Foundation contributed a US$5 million match, and the combined funds resulted in 200 million vaccinations administered and a significant step taken toward ending the death and disease caused by measles.

Millions of children were vaccinated in Nepal alone, and Lion Sanjay Khetan of Nepal understands what a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity it has been: “To be part of an initiative which will save the lives of so many children gives you immense satisfaction. Your life has some cause.”

Actually, in the lives of Lions there are many causes. Lions enhance quality of life for the hearing impaired through the Lions Affordable Hearing Aid Program. We provide vision screening for Special Olympic athletes through the Opening Eyes program.  Lions understand that each life is precious, and every dollar counts.

Celebrate LCIF week by making a donation to help ensure that no need goes unmet!

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