LCIF Rebuilds When Disaster Strikes

No one deals with disaster quite like Lions. LCIF has awarded more than US$100 million dollars in the last 10 years in disaster relief funds. Natural disasters bring tremendous destruction to impacted communities, but Lions bring tremendous heart, generous funding, and helping hands to those in need.

When an earthquake devastated Haiti, “Lions Hope for Haiti” mobilized more than US$1.2 million to provide relief and hope for the people of Haiti. When seasonal typhoons caused massive flooding in Bangkok, donations from the MD-300 Taiwan Lions and the Korean Lions helped provide six US$10,000 grants to districts in need.

When Superstorm Sandy struck the U.S., LCIF immediately mobilized over US$200,000 to support Lions’ disaster relief efforts. When bushfires ravaged Tasmania, Australia, LCIF awarded a US$10,000 Emergency Grant and Lions like 1st VP Barry Palmer were on the ground to demonstrate Lions’ commitment to the impacted communities.

Nature may have no limits, but neither do Lions. Celebrate LCIF Week! Make a contribution to LCIF today and help Lions rebuild lives.

We found today’s photo through 1st VP Barry Palmer’s Facebook page.

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