Lions Culture Project Ideas

With Lions serving in 207 countries and geographic locations, we have a great deal of amazing culture to share. Lions culture projects allow Lions and community members to celebrate culture through art, crafts, food, performance and more.

Visual arts project ideas include:

  • Arrange a public art exhibit
  • Sponsor a photography contest
  • Donate art books to the local library
  • Organize a trip for children to an art museum

Craft project ideas include:

  • Sponsor a fashion show as a fundraiser
  • Organize a craft fair featuring local artists
  • Provide financial backing for a local dress designer or tailor
  • Arrange a historical fashion show

Food project ideas include:

  • Organize a food festival featuring local fare
  • Publish a cookbook of local cuisine
  • Host a fundraising meal, such as a pancake breakfast or spaghetti dinner

Performing arts project ideas include:

  • Organize a local dance recital
  • Invite recognized dance troupes to your community
  • Arrange a concert of modern or classical music
  • Work with local schools to provide musical instruments for students
  • Organize a drama festival
  • Organize a talent show

How do your club’s local volunteer opportunities and projects help celebrate culture in your community?

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