Lions Discuss Expanding Membership

In addition to serving your community through volunteer work and making an impact in people’s lives, as Lions, you must also continually address how to increase the club’s membership in order to expand your reach. The Clanton Lions Club in Alabama is doing just that by spending time during meetings to discuss membership expansion.

For 66 years, the Clanton Lions have been serving the town of Clanton and neighboring areas in Chilton County. The club is discussing new ideas to better publicize the Lions’ community volunteer work as well as recruit new members.

Some suggestions include:

  • Sponsor a Leo club, which will encourage youth to become involved in volunteering and teach them valuable leadership skills.
  • Pay for local students to attend the Alabama Lions High School Leadership Forum at Troy University every year.
  • Hold more vision screenings at local schools and businesses.

Do you have any ideas for expanding membership? Share your success stories in the comments below!

We found today’s story and photo in The Clanton Advertiser.

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