The 2012-2013 Essay Contest Winner

While the Lions International Peace Poster Contest allows children to depict their feelings of peace through art, the Lions International Essay Contest encourages children with visual challenges to also express their thoughts on peace – through the written word.

This year’s grand prize winner is 11-year-old Maura Loberg, who was sponsored by the Wayne Lions Club in Nebraska, USA.

Below is an excerpt from Maura’s essay, “Pieces of Peace”:

I think of the words “piece” and “peace” and realize I am a piece of the peace puzzle. Like a puzzle, our world consists of many types of people that are separated by color, religions, money and many other reasons. It is hard to fit together and live next to each other if not positioned the right way.

My ideas to help aid world peace include better communication, more respect for each other’s differences and the opportunity to dream for a more peaceful planet.

You can read Maura’s entire essay here. Congratulations to Maura and all of the essay contest participants; their commitment to peace will truly help make a difference for the future.

How do your club’s services for children help kids in your community with visual challenges?

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