2012-2013 Peace Poster Contest Winner

The 25th Annual Lions International Peace Poster Contest winner is Jenny Park, from California, USA. Her poster, which beautifully depicts her thoughts on the theme “Imagine Peace,” was chosen by judges for its originality, theme portrayal and artistic merit.

From Jenny Park, on her winning poster and finding peace in the world:

When I first saw the topic “Imagine Peace,” the first thing that came to my mind were many different influential people, but the eight I decided to draw on my poster stood out to me. As you can see, they all had, and still have great impact on world peace.

These are people from different places and different times, of different faith, of different race, gender, ages and many more characteristics. Yet, they all share one thing in common; they all found peace within themselves; some by overcoming difficulties in their lives, some by living up to the idea that they hold dear, but all projecting their inner peace to make difference in the world, individual peace culminating in one grand peace, transcending time and place.

The reason why I decided to draw a self-portrait in the middle of this poster is because I wanted to convey that peace begins with any regular individual, just like me and you. We don’t have to be the Dalai Lama or Mother Teresa to be creators of peace.

Congratulations to Jenny Park and the 23 Merit Award Winners!

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2 Comments on “2012-2013 Peace Poster Contest Winner

  1. Congratulations JENNY PARK for winning the Peace Poster Contest 2012-2013. Your expression on Imagine Peace is excellent, as you said Peace begins with every one.
    -Lion Vijaya Kumar Kantheti, District 316 E, India

    • Thank you for the congratulations — I’m sure Jenny Park is thrilled to be the Grand Prize Winner! She’s correct when she says, “We don’t have to be the Dalai Lama or Mother Teresa to be creators of peace.”