A Boy’s Fight for Sight with Lions

It’s always amazing to learn about the great things young people are doing around the world to address the same issues that Lions combat every day, including blindness, poverty, hunger, disease and more. We recently learned about Eric Wenzl, a young boy in Romania who completed the “Eric’s Fight for Sight” eyeglass recycling project last year in partnership with the Bucharest Millennium Lions Club, of which his father is the president.

The project involved collecting used eyeglasses and upon completion, presenting about 170 pairs to the Bucharest Millennium Lions Club. On October 7, 2012, the donated glasses were handed over to the District Governor at the Bucharest International Marathon, an activity celebrating Lions World Sight Day. The glasses will become a part of the Lions Recycle for Sight program.

Below, Eric and his father share their thoughts on the Fight for Sight project.

From Eric:

I made this social service learning project about poverty and how to fight it at school last year. I thought about all the problems around the world and figured that I, as one individual, cannot stop poverty in the world. My approach was to help poor people with bad eyesight. Then I searched for a strong partner. My dad told me that Lions Clubs International helps people who cannot afford glasses. So I decided to collect used glasses and donate them to a local Lions club and spread the word. It became a family project and I really appreciated that my mom, my grandparents, my sister and my dad helped me so much. I started this really confidently because I knew that the local Lions clubs would help me whenever they could. When I handed over the full box with around 170 used glasses to the members of the Lions Club Bucharest Millennium, I felt exited, happy and proud at the same time. It was one of the best feelings I have ever had. When I am older I want to become a Lion and help more people in the world.

From Marco Wenzl, Eric’s father and Bucharest Millennium Lions Club President:

It was easy to support Eric with all the Lions Recycle for Sight program equipment, but I wanted him to be creative and mostly independent. He came up with the “Fight for Sight” idea. He handcrafted and painted the boxes together with his sister, I established the contacts for the locations of the eyeglass collections, and his mum gave him a lift every time he needed one. Eric had a very comprehensive approach, and he used all the knowledge he gained at school. I am very proud of him and the goal he achieved. I am sure he will become a strong Lion in the future and an enrichment to our community. We serve!

You can learn more about the project at the Eric’s Fight for Sight Facebook page.

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