Organize a Lions Environment Project

Protecting, preserving and improving our environment are crucial to ensuring a green, healthy future for the earth. Lions are well aware of this, which is why Lions environmental service projects are among the top five areas of service among clubs worldwide. Below are tips and ideas for organizing an environment project in your community.

Getting Started

It’s important to evaluate your community needs in order to plan a project that really make an impact. Does your community reside on a coastline that is often littered with trash? Is graffiti a common problem on your streets? Do the members of your community have the education needed to make informed environmental decisions? Once you’ve determined the right project, partner with local organizations and start planning procedures, materials and budget. Submit your plan to Lions club, district and/or multiple district leaders for approval.

Environmental Project Ideas

  • Adopt a highway and maintain its litter-free appearance.
  • Remove graffiti from a public place.
  • Plant trees in your community.
  • Host a Lions Green Team seminar for the public.
  • Encourage schools to include environmental education in their curriculum.
  • Volunteer at a recycling center.
  • Organize a local recycling program.

For more information, check out the Lions Green Team page.

How does your Lions club help protect the environment?

2 Comments on “Organize a Lions Environment Project

  1. Kirkham Lions hold an Environmental Photographic Competition each year with all the Schools in the area. It has become very popular and successful and the youngsters have taken some fantastic photographs.

    • What a wonderful way to help young people express how they see the environment, and to raise awareness about protecting the earth! Thanks for sharing your project.