How Literacy Changes Lives

The Reading Action Program (RAP) is one of Lions’ most significant service achievements this year, with more than 46,000 RAP projects completed worldwide so far! Education is the gateway to personal and economic development, and we love sharing RAP success stories with Lions everywhere.

Here is a story that was recently shared to us from Lion Shirley Horta of the Lions Club of Catalão in Brazil. These Lions started “Projeto LUZ,” which teaches illiterate adults how to read and write. They began the project in 2012 and in the past few months, have changed the lives of those involved.

One day, a woman walked into the classroom and said, “My whole life, my only dream has been to learn how to read the Bible. Can you help me?” The Lions welcomed her and started teaching her the basics of reading and writing, beginning with foundational instruction. After six months, she walked into the classroom with her Bible in hand and, teary-eyed, opened the book and slowly began reading a passage word for word. The Lions and her classmates all began to cry – they were so proud of her amazing accomplishment.

She thanked the Lions for their help throughout the program. She never thought she would be able to read, and the Lions gave her hope. The Lions changed her life.

With every RAP project, there are personal stories of achievement such as this one, which are perfect examples of how Lions are touching lives In a World of Service.

How have your RAP service projects changed lives?

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