Lions “Hands-on” Community Service

There’s nothing wrong with getting your hands a little dirty every once in a while! By planning hands-on community service projects, such as community clean up or building projects, Lions club members have the opportunity to participate in engaging, highly visible activities with tangible results.

These types of projects include:

  • Community center remodeling project
  • Painting project
  • Food pantry modernization project
  • Summer camp revitalization project
  • Playground repair project

Hands-on community service projects are a great way to get non-Lions involved with your club. Members can invite friends and family for extra hands. Contact local trade unions for professional plumbers, carpenters, electricians and painters who would be interested in volunteering for a good cause. Ask local retailers to donate supplies, such as paint, hardware and tools. This helps to promote local business and promote your local Lions club – while making a difference in the community.

What has been your club’s favorite hands-on community service project?

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