Recruit Young Adults to Be Lions


For nearly 100 years, Lions have been serving communities worldwide through sight missions, health projects, disaster relief efforts, youth programs and more. Recruiting young adults into your Lions club helps sustain this service for years to come, and breathes new life and energy into your club’s activities. With new, younger members, you club will increase hands to do more service and reach out to the community even further.


Finding young members for your club is as easy as inviting family and friends to your next project or event. Children and grandchildren of Lions are a great source for membership, and are more likely to join if they already know people in your club. In addition, the Family Membership Program encourages family quality time and allows for dues discounts. You can also visit local colleges and universities to find students who are interested in local volunteer opportunities.


Today’s young adults are constantly online and on-the-go. Make it easy for younger members to access your club’s resources online by creating a club website. Promote your projects by posting pictures on Facebook. Consider starting a Cyber Lions club, which holds convenient online meetings. Other new club types that can attract younger members include Campus Lions clubs, designed for college students; Leo Lions clubs, which provide an easy transition from Leo to Lions clubs; and special interest clubs based on common hobbies, interests or circumstances.

How does your Lions club recruit younger members?

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