4 Reasons to Start a New Lions Club

While your local Lions club focuses on the community’s specific needs, it’s also important to address the issues in surrounding areas. Extending your reach means making more of an impact, and you can do so by starting new clubs. Here are four reasons to start a new Lions club:

1. Expand Membership – A new club leads to more members, more volunteers, new ideas and resources, fresh energy, and an increase in district funds for activities and projects.
2. Improve the Community – A Lions club gives communities the opportunity to respond to local needs through service-minded individuals and community service projects.
3. Engage New Member Types – Encourage younger members, families and women to join, or form a Special Interest Lions club.
4. Plan for the Future – The future of Lions clubs depends on new, young members and extension. Start a new club and enable more Lions to continue making a difference.

Have you started a new Lions club? Share your success stories in the comments below!

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