Former Leo Starts Lions Campus Club

Last month, 23 students were installed as the newly chartered University of Pittsburgh Lions Club’s first members. This campus Lions club, with an age range of 18 to 24 (the youngest Lions club in the county), was started by former Leo member Matt Bohince.

When he was younger, Bohince had participated in the youth volunteer opportunities made available by the local Leo club, from environmental projects to activities with senior citizens. Now, he is helping to bridge the generation gap between Lions so they can all make a bigger impact.

The campus club has already collected 263 pairs of eyeglasses to help fight blindness, and members volunteer at local soup kitchens. Future projects include a food collection and fundraising walk.

Starting a campus Lions club can help ensure that Lions’ service continues for years to come. How does your Lions club encourage young people to serve?

We found today’s story in the Post Gazette, and the photo from Pitt Lions website.

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