New Online Course: Servant Leadership

We Serve! With a strong desire and commitment to serve children, adults, the community and the world, Lions must constantly strive to be good leaders and problem solvers. The Lions Learning Center provides online learning courses that allow Lions to develop skills in categories including Leadership, Managing Others, Achieving Results and Communication.

The newest course, Servant Leadership, takes you on a journey along the Servant Leadership highway, through real-life scenarios and activities that help you develop new skills while discovering and reflecting on your own leadership strengths. Do you already consider yourself a strong Servant Leader? If so, consider becoming part of the LCI Mentoring program as a mentor to other Lions.

Lions online courses typically take 30 to 60 minutes to complete. For more information about course registration and logging in, check out our Lions Learning Center FAQs.

Have you participated in any Lions Learning Center online courses? Tell us what you learned!

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