Facebook Tip: Connect with Organizations

Social media provides Lions clubs with valuable marketing tools that can help expand your reach in the community. With a Facebook page for your club, you can let everyone know about the great local volunteer opportunities available. You can also share photos of your projects and activities to give people a first-hand look at the positive results of your club’s efforts.

Not only should you be connecting with people in the community, but you should also be connecting with organizations in your community. By “liking” and leaving comments on the Facebook pages of local community centers, businesses, charities, city leaders and other organizations,  you’re working to get your Lions club’s name out there and build stronger relationships. Leave a comment on the local library’s page about your club’s Reading Action Program activities. Or share a link to photos of your latest environmental project on the local arboretum’s page.

With a shared goal of helping and improving your community, your Lions club can work with other organizations to truly make a difference.

What community organizations does your Lions club follow on Facebook?

4 Comments on “Facebook Tip: Connect with Organizations

  1. Let us all as international lions club members ,do the utmost effort to promote for the meaning of being a member in lions club in your country,,It’s our role to encourage the people to afford for their community ,as we in Egypt we need every person to support our lion district 352 Egypt to fulfill our target to combat illiteracy. .

    • Yes, the support of the community is so important to Lions clubs everywhere! Facebook is a great tool for promoting Lions’ efforts and making people aware of how we serve.

  2. Hello Lion Friends,

    This year Our District Governor Chaman Lal Gupat give me appoint me as the District Chairperson Information Technology for our District 321-A2. I Created the District Facebook Page, that comes very popular now a days. Following is the our District Facebook page:


    We have all the District Activity here on the Page. Other then this I created & launched the District Official Website this year, which having all the latest information about our district, we got more then 29000 visits till now on our official website & all the Lions of our district takes the benefits of our site. Our Official website link is :


    before that I created the our Home club facebook page, which is also very popular now, which link is following:


    So my suggestion is also to every club associated with Lions Club International to do the same activity for your district & club to let people know about you & your activity.


    Rajesh Bhatia

    District Chairperson Information Technology
    Home Club: Gohana Dynamic

    District 321-A2

    Lions Club International

    • Thank you for sharing! Glad to hear that your club and district is using Facebook to expand your reach.