Set Up a Booth to Promote Your Club

Get the word out about your Lions clubs and everything you do for the community! By setting up a booth or exhibit table in a highly visible area, you can provide passersby with information about your club’s past and upcoming projects, materials that let people know why and how to become a Lion, and photos and videos of your club in action. Invite people to join in your next project, and to bring their friends and family.

Make sure your booth clearly displays the Lions logo, and wear Lions apparel to show your pride! In the above photo, Lions in India set up a pavilion in a high-traffic area to promote their services and attract new members.

Set up your booth or table at the following events/areas:

Be sure to obtain the required permissions to set up a booth in a public or private space. Tell your community how Lions serve around the world!

Do you have any tips or ideas for promoting Lions clubs?

6 Comments on “Set Up a Booth to Promote Your Club

  1. looking for civic minded citizens who are willing to donate some time and effort toward making our communities better places in which to live. Too busy for meetings? Join us on the web

    • A cyber Lions club is a wonderful way to make connecting with members easier and more convenient!

  2. Proudly Lions! Lagos Akowonjo Lions Club, we serve!

    • We Serve, indeed! Thanks for your comment.