Organize a Hearing Screening for Children

Hearing loss can affect children’s educational development, interfering with their ability to communicate and develop valuable skills. Even minimal hearing loss can put children at risk for academic difficulties, so it’s best to identify signs early on. Your Lions club can help by organizing a hearing screening at a local elementary school.

Here are tips for organizing a hearing screening for children:

  • Work with local schools and day care centers to determine if your club’s service is needed. You can also contact children’s clinics, special education programs, family service agencies and foster care agencies.
  • Arrange for hearing professionals and use of testing equipment.
  • Possible locations for your screening include a school, library, community center or house of worship.
  • Encourage your local Leo club to become involved and volunteer the day of the screening.
  • Promote your event by placing flyers in highly visible areas, posting information and updates on Facebook and sending out emails.
  • After the screening, follow up with families whose children had difficulty hearing, and provide information for further evaluation by a medical provider.

How does your Lions club help children with hearing impairments in your community?

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