Benefits of a Campus Lions Club

Has your club thought about organizing a campus Lions club at a local college or university? Consider the following benefits for everyone involved as you begin reaching out to students and schools.

For Lions:

  • Expand your reach! Forming a campus club means more hands for community volunteer work that makes an even bigger impact.
  • Connecting with younger members helps your own club gain fresh insight and ideas.
  • Campus Lions clubs members may consider joining a traditional Lions club once they graduate, or may even want to start their own cyber club or special interest club.

For Students:

  • Service-minded students will get the opportunity for hands-on volunteering.
  • Campus club members develop leadership and teamwork skills, which will help them in the business world.
  • Connecting with Lions opens the door to a network of volunteers and community leaders that will become invaluable after graduation.

For Colleges:

  • Colleges and universities can provide leadership and volunteer opportunities for students.
  • Humanitarian service within the campus community is increased.
  • The campus gains support from a well-recognized service club with an extensive volunteer network.

Learn more about starting a campus club.

How does your club get young people involved in your community?

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