Organize a Lions Strides Event

A Strides: Lions for Diabetes Awareness event promotes healthy exercise and brings an entire community together in the fight against diabetes. Physical activity and a healthy lifestyle are important for those with diabetes or at risk of diabetes.

Expanding Strides Activities

The Strides program has recently rebranded and expanded to include more options for healthy, fun physical activity. A Strides event can include running, walking, bicycling, dancing, dog walking, hula-hooping or any other activity that gets people moving.

Fifteen clubs from District 4-L6 in California sponsored a Strides Walk together, organized by the district’s Diabetes Awareness and Action Committee. One of the clubs with major involvement was the San Diego Premier Lions Club. Watch the Lions Quarterly video to learn more about how the San Diego Premier Lions included dancing in their Strides event.

How to Organize a Strides Event

To organize a Strides event, order a Strides Information Packet, which includes a club guide, community poster, sample press release and other resources. You can also order educational materials to distribute at your event to help community members better understand the risk of diabetes.

For additional resources, including fact sheets, tips and certificate of participation, visit the Strides page on the LCI website.

How does your Lions club promote diabetes awareness in your community?

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