Is Your Lions Project Newsworthy?

Take pride in your Lions club’s community service projects, and shout your accomplishments and impact from the rooftops! A great way to promote your club and let the community know how you serve is to contact local media sources and tell them your story.

But how do you know if your project is newsworthy? Ask the following questions to determine what is newsworthy:

  • Would a non-Lion find this interesting or useful?
  • Does the project enhance the local community, such as parks or school programs?
  • Is your club performing a public service, such as vision or health screenings, or drug abuse education?
  • Does your activity involve the general public or other community groups?

Examples of newsworthy activities include:

  • Holiday projects, such as Easter egg hunts, Thanksgiving food drives and Christmas citrus sales
  • Service projects that aid specific groups within the community, such as visually impaired people, the elderly or children from low-income families
  • Eyeglass recycling projects
  • Major donations to local organizations, charities and causes

Pay attention to your local newspaper, radio stations and TV news stations to get a feel for the types of stories they typically cover. For more information on how to publicize your Lions club projects, check out our Lions Clubs PR tools pages.

Do you have any tips for reaching out to the media?

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