Family Project Do’s and Don’ts

Incorporating families into your Lions club not only helps increase membership, but it also helps families grow closer together. Children can learn the value of serving their communities at an early age by volunteering with their parents. Current members can invite sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles to help out with community projects. Grandparents can spend more time with their grandchildren. All the while, Lions are making a bigger impact.

Below are some considerations to take when planning family-friendly Lions projects and meetings.


  • Organize activities that require a lot of physical movement if your members include senior citizens.
  • Mix families with small children and community agencies with small children (supervision may become an issue).
  • Hold club meetings at a bar or other location not suitable for children.
  • Plan fixed, recurrent assignments that will make families lose interest.
  • Organize projects over several hours long that might not work for families with young children.


  • Hold club meetings at a time and place that is convenient and appropriate for families of all ages.
  • Plan projects that offer fun, hands-on opportunities for kids.
  • Organize service activities with single-function tasks that can be broken down for people of varying skill levels.
  • Keep project schedules flexible to accommodate families.
  • Plan projects that require multiple skills, talents and knowledge.
  • Plan projects such as: helping senior citizens, literacy projects and environmental projects.

Do you have any tips for organizing family-friendly Lions club projects?

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